Disciplinary Panel


The Panel has the following permanent tasks:

  1. To, on an ad-hoc basis, rule upon Protests regarding potential competition rules violations during the period when an Event Jury is not established and active, i.e. up until the first day of event accreditation.
  2. To, on an ad-hoc basis, deal with appeals to Event Jury decisions where procedural errors in the Event Jury’s decision-making have been identified.
  3. To, during regularly scheduled meetings, catalogue and review complaints and protests lodged at IOF events with the purpose of suggesting updates to competition rules, jury guidelines and education materials where appropriate.

In addition, the Panel shall have one development task:

  1. To investigate and determine the need for a system of ongoing sanctions for rules violations based upon set standards or referral from an Event Jury. If implementation is decided, to develop the system and on an ad-hoc basis, rule on violations.


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Meetings as required to address issues in accordance with tasks 1,2 (and 4) above.

Regular meetings (4 per year) to catalogue and review complaints, protests and jury decisions from IOF events.

Meetings should primarily be held digitally.

Rules Commission Members