List of software for orienteering

On this page we have listed some commonly used orienteering software. Notice that this list is no recommendation by the IOF, however,  – it is for information purposes only with no guarantee for correctness and completeness. Please feel free to send any suggestions or updates by email to the IOF Office.

To get started, please click the links below for further details on specific software.

3DRerun  analysis
ANT Recorder  TempO event administration
AutoDownload  event administration, speaker
CatchingFeatures  game
Condes 9  course planning
Control  mobile app, tracking, analysis
Corpse  course planning
EasyGec  event administration
Emit eTiming  event administration
EResults Lite  event administration
EResults Pro  event administration
GPSSeuranta  tracking
HELGA  event administration
Livelox  tracking, analysis
MapRun  smartphone event organiser
MeOS  event administration, speaker
Momap  mapping
Mulka 2  event administration
OCAD  mapping
OE2010  event administration
OEvent  event administration
O-Lynx  event administration
ÓR – Orienteering Results  event administration, analysis
OpenOrienteering Mapper  mapping
OriBooklet  mobile app for mapping (Android)
Oribos  event administration
Orienteering Organiser &
 event administration, speaker, course planning, analysis
OriRes  analysis
Purple Pen  course planning
QuickRoute  analysis
RaceManager  event administration
Rasor lite  game
RelayManager  event administration
RogainManager  event administration
RouteGadget  analysis
SI Simple  analysis
SIME  event administration
Ski-o Map Memory  training
SPORTident Orienteering  event administration
TiM  TempO course planning
tTiMe  event administration
Virtual-O (Virtual Orienteering Simulator)  game
WinSplits analysis


Tags: analysis
Description: Web application for route choice analysis from competitions and trainings.
Category: freeware

ANT Recorder
Tags: TempO event administration
Description: ANT Recorder is a mobile app for marshals at time controls and TempO stations as well as for competitors for “punching” answers on a mobile device. The device can upload recorded data to a result processing server. The app is used since WTOC 2016 at almost all major IOF events.
Category: freeware

Tags: event administration, speaker
Description: Comprehensive English language based Windows results software for events using SPORTident equipment, including sub-second timing with AIR+.  AutoDownload works with linear, score and relay events as well as those with heats or team prizes.  Single and Multi-Day events are supported.  It includes a sophisticated real time calculator for events in a series and also a start time allocater. Data can be collected for commentary and live results from remote checkpoints via a number of web interfaces or directly into the database.  It supports EmmaClient (Live results for Orienteering) and Eventor (The IOF results and ranking system).  It is used at the majority of orienteering events in the UK including the World Orienteering Championships 2015 and the Scottish 6 Day in 2015 with over 5000 competitors each day.  Also used worldwide. SPORTident UK actively develop and support AutoDownload.
Category: commercial

Tags: game
Description: “Catching Features is an orienteering game you can play at home. Use it for rainy-day training or rest-day enjoyment. Several different modes of play are available. Individual courses are run with interval starts against computer opponents, or with a mass start against lots of them. Relay events allow you to run one leg of a forked relay course.”
Category: commercial (free demo)

Condes 9
Tags: course planning
Description: “Condes 9 comes with a long list of new features in all areas: Course Design, Relay Support, Course Overprint, Control Descriptions, Graphics Layout, Printing and Export, Course Layout Editor Enhancements, Training Exercise Features, and OCAD support.”
Category: commercial (free trial)

Tags: mobile app, tracking, analysis
Description: Control is an app for iPhone & Apple Watch for both tracking your orienteering route and analysing & displaying the route on orienteering map. You can use the app to track a route and to generate a GPX file. Phone’s camera can be used to take the image of the map and the route can be displayed on top of it.
Category: commercial

Tags: course planning
Description: “Corpse (Course Planning and Setting) is a package which assists in the design of orienteering courses and in the preparation of event materials such as course maps and control description sheets.”
Category: freeware

Tags: event administration
Description: The free software EasyGec is used to do the exercises with the eSyGo.
Category: freeware

Emit eTiming
Tags: event administration
Description: Timing and administrative software for Emit.
Category: commercial

EResults Lite
Tags: event administration
Description: “EResults Lite is free and easy to use software for organizing small orienteering events.”
Category: freeware

EResults Pro
Tags: event administration
Description: “EResults Pro is easy but comprehensive timing software for orienteering competitions.”
Category: commercial

Tags: tracking
Description: Complete solution for GPS tracking.
Category: commercial

Tags: event administration
Description: Multi-lingual software for organising individual, relay, score and multi-day events. There is a web portal for publishing start lists and results, including split time graphics.
Category: freeware

Tags: tracking, analysis
Description: Livelox is a web-based application for analysis of routes from orienteering races. Record your route in real time using a mobile app, or upload it from your GPS watch afterwards. As an organizer of orienteering trainings or competitions, upload maps and courses to Livelox to let spectators follow the competitors in real time, and to let participants analyze their route choices post-race.
Category: freemium

Tags: event administration, punching, tracking, smartphone
Description: MapRun is a form of Orienteering that uses GPS for punching and timing, avoiding the need to put flags and SI units out on the course:
• This saves time and effort for organisers,
• Courses can be left open for extended periods of time,
• Instant feedback is provided with track, personal result and leaderboard screens.
Events are published by organisers and can be selected from a menu in the MapRun smartphone App. MapRun aims to allow clubs to organise regular convenient competitive events. Events can be published with a code to keep them confidential until the start time, participant results are published immediately,
and a results table and tracks are published.
MapRun6 is the current version (superseding MapRunF and MapRun). It supports all variants of Orienteering
including, Foot, MTBO, SkiO, TrailO for line courses, scatter and score events.

MapRun runs on Apple and Android smartphones and compatible Garmin Watches (MapRunG). (MapRun® is a registered trademark of FNE Enterprises, who develop and operate MapRun).

Category: freeware

Tags: event administration, speaker
Description: “Using only three mouse clicks, you can create a new competition and be ready to read out SI cards. MeOS interactively creates courses and classes for you as the runners read out their cards.
For larger events, you use MeOS in a traditional way. You import entries and courses from one of the many formats supported by MeOS. You prepare classes and draw start lists. MeOS supports relays and patrol competition, and various other formats – you can even arrange rogaining.”
Category: shareware

Tags: mapping
Description: Map editing software for Android and Windows phones. Available in Swedish only.
Category: commercial

Mulka 2 or
Tags: event administration
Description: “Mulka 2 is a result processing software for orienteering event. This can be used for individual, relay and score event.”
Category: shareware (registration fee)

Tags: mapping
Description: “This edition is dedicated for orienteering map making. For easier map making the GPS real-time module is added. New features like Layout layer, drawing and editing tools (reshape, interpolate, stairway or multiple point mode etc.) and the DEM module are also included.”
Category: commercial

Tags: event administration
Description: “As a basic principle, I want to offer tools to O-organisers which help them organising a complete event. Thus there are several different applications available for different event types:
OE2010 (organising individual single and multiday events)
OS2010 (organising relay events)
OT2003 (organising team events)
OEScore (organising score events)
OEHeats (Races with qualifying and finals, like WOC and WMOC)”
Category: commercial

Tags: event administration
Description: Software for organising individual and multi-day events.
Category: freeware

Tags: event administration
Description: O-Lynx software for interfacing with the O-Lynx radio system for receiving competitor punch information from Sportident timing equipment. The software provides for live results both at events and on the internet. The O-Lynx software is suitable for orienteering and adventure race events. Various types of results information is available including screens optimized for small local events, commentary, large screen results as well as spectator friendly results listings. O-Lynx is a full multi user system with easy setup. O-Lynx software and radio systems have been used for club, national and international events as well as commercial adventure races.
Category: commercial

OpenOrienteering Mapper
Tags: mapping
Description: Free software for making orienteering maps, available on Android, Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Supports loading and saving .ocd maps and symbol sets. Comes with an easy to use interface and is translated into many different languages. May be used together with Purple Pen to make maps for orienteering events with completely free software, which is well suited e.g. for schools or small clubs.
Category: open source

Description: Oribooklet is mobile app for Android. Using the mobile device’s GPS and a simple editing interface the mapper can produce fieldwork very efficiently. The field work is saved directly in .gpx format, making it easier to transfer the field work to map drawing software.
Category: commercial

Tags: event administration
Oribos is the most used software in Italy, available in Italian, English and German. It has many features: single day, multi days, relays, one man relays, score orienteering, chase start, tenths of second, radio controls (SI-COM/SI-GSM/ROC), dedicated speaker UI, export/import using IOF XML 3.0… Many electronic punching systems supported: Sportident, SFR, LearnJoy and OribosTS (a free timing system based on Arduino and RFID tags).

ÓR – Orienteering Results
Tags: event administration, analysis
Description: “Ór is a software package designed to easily produce Orienteering results. It may be used for traditional, card punch, events or with SPORTident. Or even a combination of both.
Ór is not an event management program. It does not collate entry forms, print envelope stickers, produce control descriptions or any of the myriad of functions that other programs can perform. It only produces results! Ór is designed for small events (hundreds rather than thousands).”
Category: freeware

Orienteering Organiser & Animator
Tags: event administration, speaker, course planning, analysis
Description: Softwaresuite for event administration, speaker support, course planning and after race analysis.
Category: commercial

Tags: analysis
Description: Application to compare split times.
Category: freeware

Purple Pen
Tags: course planning
Description: “Purple Pen is course setting software for orienteering. Purple Pen makes it easy to design orienteering courses and their associated control descriptions.Design your courses visually — directly on any OCAD map. View the course and the control descriptions at the same time, and simply click on the control descriptions to set the correct description for each control. Purple Pen automatically does all the busywork.”
Category: open source

Tags: analysis
Description: “The main purpose of QuickRoute is to make it quick and simple to transfer your route from a GPS device onto a map.”
Category: freeware

Tags: event administration
Description: “RaceManager (RM) is program for orienteering, running, skiing, and bicycle individual events. Supports events up to 9 days/races events.
RM has support for SPORTident punching system and Tak-Soft AVS system, but with open TCP/IP connection it’s possible to integrate also other timing equipment.
Program has internal SQL-92 base database engine – no needs for extra databases in computer. All event files are in folder. You don’t need event to install anything – just copy files from one computer to another and run program.”
Category: commercial

Rasor lite
Tags: game
Description: Online radio orienteering simulator
Category: free

Tags: event administration
Descriptions: RelayManager is for (orienteering) relay events, support up 9 days/races. Using same internal database engine and same user interface as RaceManager.
Category: commercial

Tags: event administration
Description: Program for handling Score-Orienteering and Rogaining events. Using same user interface as RaceManager.
Category: commercial

Tags: analysis
Category: freeware

SI Simple
Tags: analysis
Description: “Software to process orienteering results from a SportIdent download box after the event, then create html version of the results and IOF XML export. Based on SIDResults.tcl by Ken Hanson.”
Category: open source

Tags: event administration
Description: “SPORTident Mini Event (SIME) is a program for training, score events and small events (“self service” events or special non-standard orienteering events). As SIME uses a simple text file based data format, anyone can write a program to calculate their own results (you can even use MS Excel or equivalent), and use SIME for downloading data from the SPORTident system.”
Category: commercial

Ski-o Map Memory
Tags: training
Description: Tool for ski orienteering theoretical training.
Category: freeware

SPORTident Orienteering
Tags: event administration
Description: SPORTident Orienteering is the Android app for managing your timed orienteering training. Read out cards and get splits printouts, rankings and online results instantly.
Category: shareware

Tags: TempO course planning
Description: TiM is a tool for preparing maps for timed controls or TempO stations based on exports from OCAD (for trail-o, we need a special map rotation to be applied on these maps). It is used since ETOC 2018 at many major IOF events and since 2020 on many virtual races in the TORUS Cup.
Category: freeware

Tags: event administration
Description: “tTiMe is a simple program to generate startlists, results and splittimes from (Emit AS) MTR- or RTR-logfiles together with a runner database editor and MTR downloader.”
Category: freeware

Virtual-O (Virtual Orienteering Simulator)
Tags: game
Description: Virtual-O is an independent game developed mainly for PC. Main objective is creating a full featured virtual orienteering simulator.
Category: commercial

Tags: analysis
Description: WinSplits is a software system for presentation and analysis of split times from orienteering competitions.
Category: commercial