Electronic punching

IOF Punching System Approval Process

IOF Approved Electronic Punching Systems January 2022

Instructions from suppliers

The IOF has now published the procedure to obtain approval for electronic punching systems. Only approved punching systems can be used in IOF events.

Suppliers who wish to obtain approval for a new system must notify the IOF that they wish to commence the approval process.

The supplier will be required to submit documentation about the system together with detailed reports from national competitions where the system has been used successfully. The IOF Rules Commission will manage the process and will consult with the relevant discipline commissions and the IOF IT Commission. A new punching system can be proposed for use with just one discipline (foot, ski, MTB or trail orienteering) or with several disciplines.

If the IOF agrees that the system meets the criteria, then the system will receive provisional approval. A provisionally approved system may be used at IOF World Ranking Events (WREs). Provisional approval will last for two years and can be converted to permanent approval when the system has been used successfully at a minimum of four World Ranking Events.

A system which is finally approved may be used for IOF World Events  (World Championships etc.). For the initial period after final approval, the IOF IT Commission will be prepared to advise and assist the Organiser and SEA of any IOF World Events which wish to use the newly approved system. The IOF IT Commission will aim to ensure proper handling and use of the system and they will work in cooperation with the system vendor.