Voluntary support

Travel the world and contribute with your expertise to orienteering development

Are you up to travel and help with orienteering development in other parts of the world, but not sure where to go – where your help is needed?

Register at the Global Orienteering Volunteer Platform where orienteers throughout the world can offer their skills and expertise to developing countries or clubs in need of this expertise.

In this project, everyone wins: The volunteer gets to travel to other regions/countries, to meet other people trying to set up orienteering there and to have the satisfaction of having contributed to the development of our sport. A country / club in the need of some expertise in mapping, coaching, organising an event can find a volunteer who would come over to help.

In the end, it is the development of orienteering which wins!

Are you interested? Register on this webpage

The filled in information will be used for searching by clubs/federations requiring volunteers. Please note that this platform should help to facilitate matching volunteers to clubs/federations in need of orienteering expertise. However, the IOF cannot promise that all persons registered on this platform will be recruited as volunteers. That depends on the demand side.

Clubs/federations searching for volunteers can find information about registered volunteers below and requests from clubs / federations are published below;

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(The data will be updated every week.)

In case of any questions please contact the project coordinator Nermin Fenmen: govp@orienteering.org