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IOF ID & IOF Eventor Account

To participate in Junior; Senior and Masters IOF Events you need an IOF Eventor Account. The IOF ID is created automatically for you by creating an IOF Eventor Account.

Athlete Guide to IOF Eventor

The information in the account is used by you, IOF and the organiser of the events for these purposes:

  • You get and IOF ID which all results and World Ranking System is tied to
  • You can enter to IOF World Ranking Events
  • Your Team Manager can enter you to the National Team in Championships
  • Your Photo and Social media information is displayed for Followers and Media
  • Your historical results are presented in IOF Eventor, World Ranking System, World Cup System and other result databases connected to IOF Eventor.
  • IOF, Your Federation and Organiser of events that you have entered can use the contact information (email; phone and address) for contacting you in matters related to the Events and results that you participate in.

Duplicate IOF ID:S/IOF Eventor Accounts

If you find that you have got duplicate identities in IOF Eventor, please email [email protected] .