Fair Play

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The General Assembly 2020 adopted the following resolution regarding Fair Play and Ethics in Orienteering:

Orienteering is a sport where trust that the basic values of Fair Play are being followed is essential. Fair Play in orienteering includes understanding and respecting the wonder of a new challenge to be met and overcome at each competition. Unfair advantage gained through advance knowledge of the terrain, map or course elements can have a significant impact on competitive results and are an attack on the core values of our sport.

The General Assembly of the International Orienteering Federation recognizes the importance of reinforcing the basic values of Fair Play to protect the character of our sport, therefore:

We the members of the International Orienteering Federation resolve to:

    • work together in protecting the vulnerable character of fair play in our sport.
    • educate and influence our members, organisers and athletes to understand and respect the importance of Fair Play and to follow the rules of Orienteering.
    • implement rules and methods to prevent the improvement of individual performance through the unfair gaining of knowledge beyond that which is available to all competitors.
    • clarify norms, rules, guidelines and enforcement mechanisms to secure the fairness of competitions.
    • stay true to the IOF Code of Ethics and embrace the good governance of our sport.