IOF Training Camp at Idre Fjäll in August 2022 – an opportunity for ambitious athletes

Idre Fjäll is an orienteering hub in Sweden offering demanding terrain in a wilderness environment. The World Cup round 2 in 2021 was held here and the results showed how challenging the terrain is.

The IOF has an ambition to support more of our members orienteering teams and help improve performance at IOF events. We understand the challenge of being able to compete in a variety of terrains. Training in challenging terrain is vital to success.

Bildresultat för idre fjäll logga

With the support of Idre Fjäll, the IOF can now offer a free training camp for 20 persons, on the following conditions;

  • Applications are open from teams NOT qualifying for the World Games (qualified are: The World Games qualifications and WOC divisions | International Orienteering Federation).
  • The training camp will take place 24-28 August 2022. Participants are provided full boarding and training activities with the help and advice of a team of experienced coaches. Travel costs to and from Idre are not included and are the responsibility of the team or athletes.
  • Applications are expected from national teams but this shall be in the form of individual athlete nominations.
  • The most important criteria for selecting participants is international merits, meaning that results in World Cup, World Orienteering Championships and Junior World Orienteering Championships forest races will play the largest role in the selection process. Other international merits will also be accounted for.
  • The intention is to offer places to merited athletes from as many countries as possible. Teams should list athletes in order of preference, i.e. if the number of spots available is fewer than the number of listed athletes, the first listed athletes will be selected.
  • There may be an opportunity for additional athletes to participate in the training camp on a self-pay basis. The IOF will assess this when we see the overall interest in participation. The cost will be kept at a minimum but will cover lodging costs.
  • Applications should include name of suggested participants, the merits of the athlete and a comment from the team management about why the participant should be chosen. Please use this application form
  • Applications are to be sent to: [email protected]
  • Application is open until January 15th.
  • Decisions about participation, and a reserve list, will be taken in early 2022. Selection of athletes will be done by the World Cup consortium, based on the criteria based above.


Team Leaders/Coaches Clinic

The IOF also recognizes that the development of team leaders and coaches is important to the success of national teams. The IOF is therefore considering offering a team leaders and coaches education and training program in parallel with the training camp.  This would consist of lectures from experienced coaches and specialists as well as some practical exercises. This will only be carried out if there is sufficient interest from national teams, based upon the following conditions.

  • Team leaders/coaches will be offered spots on a self-pay basis with the same conditions as training camp participants. The cost will be kept at a minimum but will cover lodging costs.
  • Team leaders will only be considered for a free spot if applications from merited athletes are less than the 20 spots on offer.
  • The focus of the clinic will be on team leaders and coaches with direct involvement in the respective national teams.
  • Applications should include name of suggested participants in the team leader/coaches clinic, including a comment from the team management about why the participant should be chosen and their role in the national team. Please use same application form as for athletes.
  • Applications are to be sent to: [email protected]
  • Application is open until January 15th.
  • Decisions about whether the clinic will be organized, and accepted participants, will be taken in early 2022.



  • The IOF will have full discretion in the selection of participants for the training camp and potential team leaders/coaches clinic, based upon the above criteria.
  • The camp may need to be cancelled in case of travel restrictions or other limitations due to the Covid-19 pandemic or other issues beyond the control of the IOF or Idre Fjäll. If cancellation is necessary, the IOF and Idre Fjäll will assume responsibility for all local costs related to participation in Idre (i.e. booking fees etc), but cannot assume any costs related to travel to/from Idre.
  • Comments or questions can be sent to the address above.