IOF High Level Event Seminar goes digital

The traditions of the High Level Event Seminar goes back more than a decade. It all started in Oslo in 2009 and the Seminar is organised annually since then. The seminar has become an important event, attracting 40-75 attendees each year from about 15-20 countries. The seminar targets appointed organisers, potential future organisers and key persons of IOF High Level Events, including already appointed IOF Senior Event Advisers and Assistant Senior Event Advisers.

The day and a half conference format with several separate meetings worked very well in the past, however this needs to be adjusted for the 2021 edition, since travelling is much more difficult for many of us because of the pandemic. The seminar with all the presentations will be organised digitally on 6th February.

Putting together the programme of an online conference is much more challenging than what we had previously thought: much of the usual interactive nature of the presentations will be lost. So we opted to go for shorter presentations, with the opportunity to ask questions after each one. The presentations will be available on YouTube afterwards as well, but the advantage of following the conference online will be the ability to ask questions directly from the presenters!

Please see the invitation for the schedule and how to register. Please note the deadline for registrations in 1 February.