IOF and WOC 2018 organiser team up with Pfizer to inform about Tick-Borne Encephalitis TBE

The IOF is proud to announce a partnership with Pfizer and the WOC 2018 organisers to provide information about TBE, a disease which is very relevant to talk about in the orienteering community.

In connection with WOC 2018, more specifically in connection with the WOC Middle distance competition on Tuesday August 7th and the Latvian O-Days competition on Wednesday August 8th,  , personnel from Pfizer will be present in the arena with information about TBE and what you can do to protect against the disease. In addition on Wednesday August 8th a mobile vaccination unit will be present to offer vaccinations against TBE.

– We are very pleased to be able to announce this cooperation with Pfizer targeted at addressing a medical issue which may affect so many in the orienteering community globally’, comments IOF CEO Tom Hollowell.
– We hope that as many as possible will take the opportunity to learn about TBE and disease prevention during WOC 2018. This is a highly relevant discussion to have when we are here in Latvia.

The cooperation between the IOF and Pfizer stretches beyond just WOC 2018 and more information will be available via the IOF website and other IOF events in the near future.

Tick-Borne Encephalitis (TBE)
TBE is a tick-borne disease that is found in Europe and other parts of the world. Latvia has a very high prevalence of TBE, with 42% of its total land area being covered by forest. Risk of contracting TBE is present in all wooded and forested areas of the country, including city parks. Transmission season is typically from March to November. Those taking part in outdoor activities are at the highest risk.

The TBE virus is transmitted by ticks. It is an infection of the central nervous system. There is a chance of developing long-term complications including disability, paralysis and deathThere are currently no treatment or cures only symptomatic treatment of the disease.


Tick-Borne Encephalitis (TBE) – Don´t Run The Risk