UPDATED. First World Indoor Orienteering Championships will be held in 2018


Definitely World Indoor Orienteering Championships would be an exciting event. Sadly, not this year…
Yesterday we celebrated April Fool’s Day!
Nevertheless, You can try Indoor Orienteering this summer in Riga, Latvia! On 5th of August you are welcomed to the National Library of Latvia. A library situated only 5-minutes walking distance from WOC Sprint Relay arena. Find out more here.

The first ever World Indoor Orienteering Championships will be held on the 6th August 2018 in Latvia.

At the upcoming Council meeting on 6-7 of April in Brussels a final decision to be made. The organisers of WOC2018 scheduled an open indoor event during a rest day, the 5th of August, but with a high interest from sponsors and media an open race will be upgraded to the World Indoor Orienteering Championships status. The event will take place in the National Library of Latvia, a building with 13 floors and 40 000 square meters.

The first championships will consists of one individual start event; qualification and final race will be held on the same day.

“It should be a fantastic event of indoor orienteering. Indoor orienteering is growing around the world and particularly in Latvia. This new format gives us a very interesting opportunity of TV coverage and sponsorship. We have contacts with few new sponsors which have suitable buildings and are very interested in doing orienteering events there. And we as a sports organisation are very interested in developing this new format in the future”, Tom Hollowell, IOF Secretary General/CEO says.

The first bulletin will be published and entry will be opened right after the Council meeting on the 2nd week of April.