Fair play survey results available for download

We are currently working to gain a better understanding of the current Fair Play landscape within orienteering. As a part of this, we sent out a survey to all member federations, athlete commissions, coaches & registered athletes in IOF eventor. We also made an open call here on orienteering.sport for responses. Nearly 1800 responses were received proving that this is a topic that engages.

This survey is a part of the larger work we are doing to bring the topic of fair play into focus and help facilitate discussions throughout the orienteering community. We want to contribute to creating a common language and understanding of this important value in orienteering. As part of this, we are working on an educational platform with a curriculum that tackles fair play questions and situations that may arise before, during or after a competition. The survey has given a good understanding of where the focus of the education efforts should lie.

Our appreciation goes out to everyone that responded to the survey.

Below is a link to a summary presentation of the survey answers and for those who want to go deeper a link to all detailed survey answers.


Download the full presentation here.

IOF Fair Play – Survey results (all responses, .csv file)