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Welcome to Burusjön!

The Long distance will take place by lake Burusjön, situated north of Idrefjäll. The race will pass through challenging Swedish mountain terrain at an altitude of 630-880 m.a.s.l. Hilly topography with moderate to steeper slopes. Runability and visibility is good to very good. Very few roads and paths in the area (map link to Idrefjäll). See also o-map examples in World of O – All you need to know.

In the Long distance, each athlete start individually with 3 minute start interval to the next competitor. The starting order is determined by the long/middle world ranking where the highest ranked athlete start last. The competitor with the fastest time wins!

Long schedule

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10:10 First starter
13:00 Quarantine closed (GPS start)
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15:15 Estimated Last finisher


10:37 First starter
13:00 Quarantine closed (GPS start)
15:20 Web-TV focus move over to Men
17:10 Estimated Last finisher
17:20 Flower ceremony
17:30 End of Web-TV

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