Day program


Please read the Welcome page before purchasing a competition and note that all printed times are in local event time, UTC +3. The Middle distance day will start with the Women competition followed by the Men competition with an hour and a halv break in between.

Watch LIVE!

Women 11:30-13:00
Men 14:30-16:00

Women schedule

09:15 First starter (Live results start)
09:50 Quarantine closes (GPS starts)
12:15 Last starter
12:45 Expected last starter finish
12:50 Flower ceremony

Men schedule

12:20 First starter  (Live results and GPS start)
15:20 Last starter
15:50 Expected last finisher
15:55 Flower ceremony

Live services status

Live services has ended. Web-TV is opened up and can be watched without ticket.

Web-TV Women


Web-TV Men


Start lists

Women (Published -1 day)
Men (Published -1 day)

Live results

Women (Published 09:30) Split times
Men (Published 12:00) Split times

Live GPS

Women (Published 09:30)
Men (Published 12:00)

Official results and World Cup standings

Women (Published 14:30)
Men (Published 16:30)

Standings after World Cup round 1 (Updated 16:30)


Flow-Flow admin info: Please choose stream layout on options page.

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