Day program

Welcome to Heřmánky!

The relay will take place at Heřmánky, situated in Česká Lípa district. The forest is a typical continental sandstone terrain of Kokořínsko with its intricate morphology consists of plenty of valleys and reentrants crowned by massive sandstone rock formations (map link).

The relay consists of two team competitions, men’s relay and women’s relay. Each relay have 3 legs. All teams start at the same time in a mass start and the courses are forked. Forked courses means that competitors that run the same leg may have different controls but after all 3 legs, all teams have ran the same course in total. Approximate combined (all three legs) winning time is 1 hour 45 min. First team to finish wins!

Relay schedule

All times are in CEST (UTC+2)


16:00 Quarantine closed
16:10 Start of Web-TV
16:20 Women mass start
18:05 Estimated Winning Team Finish


18:25 Men mass start
20:05 Estimated Winning Team Finish
20:15 Flower ceremony
20:20 End of Web-TV

Web-TV (ENG)

Web-TV (RUS)

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Live service status

Live results – Ended
GPS-tracking – Ended
TV – Ended, from 19:14 to 19:26 we lost contact with the Satellite feed due to a storm in CZE downlink location.

Top 6


1 Sweden 1:45:45
2 Switzerland 1:48:18
3 Norway 1:52:46
4 Neutral 1:52:58
5 Czech Republic 1:53:14
6 Poland 1:55:40


1 Sweden 1:53:06
2 Norway 1:53:57
3 Switzerland 1:55:06
4 Finland 1:55:28
5 Czech Republic 1:57:25
6 Ukraine 2:01:56