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Welcome to Heřmánky!

The long distance will take place at Heřmánky, in the same forest as the Relay. The forest is a typical continental sandstone terrain of Kokořínsko with its intricate morphology consists of plenty of valleys and reentrants crowned by massive sandstone rock formations (map link).

In the Long distance, each athlete start individually with 3 minute start interval to the next competitor. The starting order is determined by the long/middle world ranking where the highest ranked athlete start last. The competitor with the fastest time wins!

Long schedule

All times are in CEST (UTC+2)


12:30 Quarantine closed
13:21 First starter
15:20 Start of Web-TV
17:35 Estimated last finisher


14:34 First starter
19:50 Estimated last finisher
20:00 Flower ceremony
20:05 End of Web-TV

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Top 6


1 Tove Alexandersson Sweden 1:17:11
2 Natalia Gemperle Neutral 1:20:09
3 Simona Aebersold Switzerland 1:20:28
4 Andrine Benjaminsen Norway 1:22:56
4 Lisa Risby Sweden 1:22:56
6 Megan Carter Davies United Kingdom 1:24:53


1 Kasper Harlem Fosser Norway 1:35:55
2 Matthias Kyburz Switzerland 1:39:00
3 Magne Daehli Norway 1:41:53
4 Daniel Hubmann Switzerland 1:42:10
5 Emil Svensk Sweden 1:43:08
6 Martin Hubmann Switzerland 1:43:54