Entry deadline for World Masters Orienteering Championships

Have you registered for World Masters Orienteering Championships, WMOC, in Latvia? If not make sure to do so before June 1. The WMOC Sprint competition consists of one Qualification race and a Final race. The WMOC Forest competitions consist of one Qualification race, a Middle Final race and a Long Final race.


05.07. Sprint model and opening
06.07. Sprint in Dzegužkalns
07.07. Sprint in Old Riga
08.07. Rest day
09.07. Middle distance in Bumbukalns
10.07. Middle distance in Bumbukalns
11.07. Rest day
12.07. Long distance in Garezeri, closing

All competitions will be held in and around Riga, the capital of Latvia.

Sprint Qualification – Dzegužkalns
The Sprint qualification will take place in Dzegužkalns, a complex and interesting housing area in the western part of Riga.

Sprint Final – Vecrīga (Old Riga)
Vecrīga is like a medieval city featuring a large, flat area encompassing the whole of the historic city centre.

Forest Qualification and Middle Final – Bumbukalns
Bumbukalns is located just to the west of Riga in the pine-forested dunes.

Long Final – Garezeri
The area for the Long final is located along the coast of the Baltic Sea to the north east of Riga.

All you need to know about WMOC 2019 is found here: