All set for LIVE on 13th-16th May!

We are -6 days to the start of the EOC 2021/World Cup Round 1 in Switzerland! A good start for online followers are the new World Cup pages to Check out the TV-table.

The event has an excellent TV/Web-TV reach with 4 of our largest audiences broadcasting the event on national TV: Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, and Norway. We also have the ‘pay per view’ Web-TV broadcasts available, globally, in both English AND Russian Commentary!

About time zones for this Event

The Event local time zone is CEST (UTC +2). All printed times in IOF LIVE pages are CEST (UTC +2).

IOF LIVE Orienteering ‘Paid’ TV Shows

There will be full Web-TV Broadcasts from all 3 competitions with separate shows for English commentary AND Russian commentary. These shows are available globally.
PRICE: 12 EURO for all 3 competitions or 6 EURO per competition.

The ‘paywall’ used is ‘InPlayer’, which is the same as used for 2019 season (2020 was cancelled) and followers that created accounts in 2019 season can re-use them.

Followers can purchase tickets well in advance and the purchase is done in the TV-boxes in competition day tabs in LIVE Orienteering.


13th May Sprint Relay TV/Web-TV: 16:30-17:55 (UTC +2)

14th May Knock-Out Sprint Qualification No TV broadcast

15th May Knock-Out Sprint Semi-finals and Finals TV/Web-TV: 15:00-17:00 (UTC +2)

16th May Sprint finals TV/Web-TV: 13:10-15:35 (UTC +2)

Note! National TV broadcasting companies might vary the broadcast times. IOF will try to keep the TV broadcast table updated on: