Algeria, a new orienteering destination

There is no better satisfaction in my volunteer orienteering development work, than when I see the orienteering flame that I introduced to a new place start burning. This was exactly the case with Algeria, says Zoran Milovanovic, IOF Regional Development Coordinator.

Only 4 months after the first visit to Algeria, and after just one seminar, the Federation Sport for All Algeria, together with their local organizations from all over the country, organized a promotional orienteering event.

The Federation Sport for All Algeria took orienteering under their umbrella, and this was exactly right move, said Mr El Hadi Mossab, President. Everything has gone so fast, and now we have just joined COMOF (Confederation of Mediterranean Orienteering Federations), to combine our efforts to include orienteering in the Mediterranean Games. That’s why various activities will be held in Algeria, in the city of Oran, where in July 2021 we hope to see orienteering as a demonstration sport at Med. Games.

But, let’s get back to this wonderful event in a zoo park Kissir El Aouana-Jijel.

More than 200 athletes took part in the first Algerian Orienteering day, divided into 3 courses for FootO, MTBO and TrailO.

Maps were improvised using google maps, which is just one of the creative ideas the organisers had in creating their first event all on their own, driven by their imagination and a strong wish to celebrate orienteering. They also produced other materials needed for the event, like flags etc., another example of their enthusiastic work.

It was an impressive event where not only participants but also spectators and guests had possibilities to learn and see more about the sport of orienteering, which was previously unknown in Algeria.

To make it all possible, a team of 42 organizers and volunteers, amongst them 12 sport representatives from different sports, worked very hard, and to whom we shall say thanks!

We are sure that soon we will hear from Algeria much more about orienteering activities.

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