African Orienteering Clinic supports development in Africa

During 2021 IOF Regional Development Coordinator Zoran Milovanovic had discussions with several African countries about how to develop orienteering in the region. This lead to an African Orienteering Clinic in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt,  from October 29th to  November 4th 2021, in conjunction with a week of events initiated by the Egyptian Orienteering Federation. The Clinic was prepared together with EOF President Mr Moanes Abu Ouf.

The Clinic included lectures, training activities and presentations about different subjects in orienteering and was followed by two days of competing in the events including analysis of the courses and their participation.

In total 66 persons participated in the Clinic from 14 African countries (Egypt, Libya, Cameroon, Sudan, Mali, Central Africa, Ivory coast, Uganda, Kenya, Gabon, Mozambique, Tunisia, Algeria, and Congo).

The participants were very eager to be practicing orienteering and participated attentively for the full four days. Most were young and for many of them this was the first opportunity to try orienteering, but there were also some experienced athletes in the group. All of them were able to finish their courses at the events and learn a lot about orienteering during the week.

Their were also chances for bilateral short meetings between Zoran Milovanovic and representatives from the African countries. One of the most important meeting was the one with the President of Algerian Federation Sport for All, Mr Elhadi Mossab, with discussions about the next Mediterranean Games to be held in Oran, Algeria  in July 2022. The intention is to present orienteering as a demonstration sport at the Games.