A good option to take the train to the Orienteering World Cup

The Orienteering World Cup will be held in Laufen, Switzerland this weekend. The location in central Europe makes the train a good travel option from other European countries. Some Swedish athletes, including the overall World Cup leader Gustav Bergman, have chosen this option.

Gustav Bergman, Lilian Forsgren and Sara Hagström from the Swedish national team are taking the train to Laufen, Switzerland, together with their supporters Helena and Nore Bergman.

“We are choosing to take the train for environmental reasons”, says Bergman. “As westerners, and in particular elite athletes, we fly far too much. It’s hard to keep up a sustainable lifestyle whilst travelling as much as we orienteers do, so we need to do what we can to keep our carbon dioxide emissions down. This time, taking the train was an option, and we need to take the chances we get.”

The group will take the train from Stockholm, travelling via Copenhagen, Hamburg and Basel, with a night in Hamburg to optimise sleep ahead of the competitions. After the World Cup, they will board the train again to continue on to the Czech Republic and preparations for WOC 2021.

Gustav Bergman heads the overall World Cup Standings, 16 points ahead of Norwegian Olav Lundanes.

Photo by Gustav Bergman