Partner in focus: Lumonite

We had a chat with Petrus Saari, CEO of Lumonite.

You have recently signed a partnership contract with IOF. Why?

Lumonite has always wanted to encourage people to the nature – also in the dark. Cooperation with the IOF is a very natural cooperation with us. We want to be involved in building outdoor sports and provide the best tools for enthusiasts in the field.

The IOF vision states: “Orienteering is the most attractive adventure-based sport for all ages” . In what way does this fit with Lumonite?

Lumonite wants to help people see in the darkness. We share the IOF’s vision in many ways. Moving in the dark is always an adventure – also with the light.

The IOF values are Sustainable, Inclusive and Ethical. How do stand behind this?

Lumonite wants to take our part for a better future. We want to take care of sustainability, environment and to build communities where all parties win.

Why are the Lumonite lamps environmental friendly?

We want to build headlamps that last from father to daughter – we do not compromise on durability. This is especially evident in the materials, technical solutions and components of Lumonite products.

Where are the lamps sold?

Lumonite has own international webstore and also lot of good resellers in Europe. You can find more information on our website