Plenty of questions during information meeting about WOC trainings

The possibilities to prepare for Nokian Tyres World Championships 2021 by training in Czech Republic will be opened on 29th of March. In preparations, an information meeting was held online on 24th of March. About 50 national team coaches, team officials, organizers and others gathered to take part of the IOF general Covid-19 bulletin and the specific WOC Training Camp bulletin.

The Covid-19 virus infection rates in Czech Republic are currently among the highest in the world and restriction in the country are complicated and frequently changing. The terms for trainings are mirroring the restrictions and are rather complex. It is therefore important to fully understand the rules and obey to all restriction. The high number of pre-formulated detailed questions is certainly showing that teams are taking the matter seriously.

Reflecting on the situation in Czechia, IOF brought forward the suggestion to teams and athletes to consider timing of training camps. It is seen likely that the situation will be improving within the coming weeks and less restrictions means better trainings, less risk of catching Covid-19 and avoiding potential burden to the Czech health system.

The presentation used during the meeting can be found here.